Country, Country, Country is the first digital release from AlJean Records. We are proud to bring you this stunning collection of classic country music written and arranged by Al & Jean Shade and their son Faron L. Shade. This Bandcamp exclusive release has been compiled from the original master tapes (except where noted) for exceptional quality.


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The Little Dogwood Tree is a spiritual record based on the story of Jesus's crucifixion.  Al and Jean Shade record some of the best loved gospel music and Hymns.  The words of each song are complimented beautify by the stripped-down acoustic country arraignments.  This album remains one of their best known.    

Pennsylvania Mountain People is Al Shade's first long playing album and is a bluegrass treat.  Al Shade with his wife Jean Romaine (Gestford Sisters) and the Short Mountain Boys sing and play bluegrass, country and spiritual classics.  The sound of this album is reminiscent of classic country and rural music of the 1940 with a heavy emphasis on the Appalachian valley sound.  

The Little Dogwood Tree

Pennsylvania Mountain People


"Songs And Smiles To You"

               -Jack Feaser



              "Being an entertainer has not been easy, but Jean and I have been very fortunate in having many strong supporters and many good, faithful radio sponsors. When we go out there and get that applause it makes it all worthwhile. In this business down through the years I have received thousands of "NOs", but I have never given up. I've always had a positive attitude and feeling. As far as I'm concerned there's something about country music that really gets into your heart and soul. We're here to put a smile on your face and a song in your heart."

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